Sport is all around us

Host: Poland
Number of participants: 70
Participating countries: Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy

The main topic of this project is sport. Project coordinators want to show young people that sport is a very important part of everyday life. We live in the times of constant rush and often forget about active lifestyle, which is a mistake. The aim is to encourage young people to adopt an active lifestyle. In order to achieve this aim non-formal education methods will be used. They will allow for unconscious implementation of good practices and strengthen the chance for using those practices in the future.

Project coordinators wish to involve young people with fewer opportunities. Such people often do not have the opportunity to engage in various actions due to the area they live in or their hard financial situation. By incorporating them into this activity they wish to encourage equal opportunities. During the two exchanges (17-25 July, 2015 and 26 July – 3 August, 2015) national evenings will be organized, during which each country will have the opportunity to present their culture, customs and traditions. For the participants meeting people from different countries will be a great opportunity to learn about their cultures, traditions, attitudes which will surely result in more tolerant and open approach towards the other nations and improve learning experience helping to support self-development process. Undertaken actions will also help in minimizing the very often mistaken stereotypes concerning other cultures and nations.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact us by e-mail

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