Self-directed learning and learning to learn – an innovative approach to support youth employability

Host country:  Italy
Number of participants:  27
Participating countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.

Youth unemployment is one of the most relevant challenges in contemporary Europe. The last decades could be characterized by a strong technological change, increasing inter-dependencies among countries all over the world and an ever-changing labor-market with strong demands. Youth transition into an adult autonomous working life has been becoming a longer and more complex issue.

In the last 5 years Learning to Learn (L2L) and Self-Directed Learning (SDL) became well-known concepts in the Youth in Action programme. With the introduction of Youthpass and the “Youthpass process“ the concept of L2L was introduced within almost all activities within the Youth in Action programme.

Project „Self-Directed Learning and Learning to Learn – an innovative approach to support youth employability“ covers both described terms and with the help of them is trying to gain attention on the issue. Project is implementing a training course in Italy for youth workers.

Implemented training course provides youth workers with a possibility to:

  • deepen the understanding of employability;
  • understand the concept of L2L and experience what does it mean to be a self-directed learner;
  • explore the role of the group, of the environment and of the relations in the learning process;
  • know new tools to implement L2L;
  • understand the relation between L2L/SDL and employability;
  • explore how youth workers can implement this approach to support employability;
  • know EU funds that can support youth employability.


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