Lithuanian Friend

Our inspiration – traveling and new friendships! We all are passionate about our city. In case, we want to show you unknown but charming parts of Vilnius, feel our real culture and make your travel impressive and unforgettable.

Every program will fit your own taste. You can visit museums, youth spots or experience a vibrant Vilnius nightlife. Just contact your new Lithuanian Friend and plan the best travel ever.

What does Lithuanian Friend offer to you?
Travel support services FROM meeting you at airport, bus station or train station TO organizing cultural or business-based visits in all over Lithuania.

Travellers (Youth, Students)
• Accommodation (hostel/hotel)
Advantages: cheap, easy to find new friends and to have so much fun.
• Free or „student friendly“ places to visit
Advantages: We know where you could get student discount or go for free. Don‘t miss it, consult with us and find the best spots in Vilnius.
• Cheap places to eat
We will share with you the best places to eat or drink. We will give you tips where are the best Lithuanian food – CEPELINAI and ŠALTIBARŠČIAI. If you not interested in traditional meals and just want to eat same as Lithuanian, we will let you experience our daily routine.
• Nightlife
If you love the nightlife, Vilnius is perfect choice for you. There you will find great music in clubs and tasteful beer in pubs. Whatever you decide to do in Vilnius by night, there is something for everyone.
• Cheapest transport means
We recommend you how to get from point A to point B choosing the cheapest mean to travel.

Travellers (Adults / Seniors)
• Accommodation (hostel/hotel/guest house/apartments)
We recommend accommodation, which fits your priorities and wishes. If you love to be in the city centre or indulge in relaxing spa procedures, we will find you royal hotel in the heart of Vilnius. Do you prefer quiet and nature? Vilnius has it too! Well, what you all have to do is to choose.
• Sightseeing
We help to plan your time and recommend seeing traditional sights and other beautiful and breath-taking places, which usually are not visited by individual tourists.
We organise transport and help to travel to other Lithuanian cities: Trakai, Druskininkai, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Palanga, Nida, etc.
• Places to eat
We recommend the best places where you will taste the most delicious meals in the city. Everything what you need is just relax and travel with gusto.

Business, internship
• Partnership
If your business searching for partners in Lithuania or just looking for something from where could get more experience, we can find organization which could be your future partners. Just write us and we discuss about your wishes and opportunities.
• Internship
Looking for international internship? Improve your language skills and experience Lithuanian culture! Just write us and we will try to find the best internship choices for your skills and competencies.