I Manage 2.0

Host country: Italy
Number of participants: 30
Participating countries: Greece, Romania, Malta, Spain, Lithuania and Latvia.

“I Manage 2.0“ is a training course, which which took place in Bari, Italy 20-25 October, 2015. 30 participants was hosted from 6 countries – Greece, Romania, Malta, Spain, Lithuania and Latvia. Each country sent 4 participants.

This training course took into consideration all the phases needed for the successful implementation of a project; starting from the   creation of a project, risk assessment, crisis management, communication tools and evaluation techniques. All this had taken within the  framework of the new Erasmus+. Moreover the project  involved a number of online tools which can be used for project management ideal  for the Erasmus+ framework. During the course “I Manage 2.0” non-formal methods of education was used, such as simulation sessions,  discussions, workshops and other creative methods. By the end of this training course the participants have been equipped with tools that  allows them to see a project through from inception to evaluation and to increase the quality of the project being implemented.


  • to reach 3 main objectives: project management in the youth field within the Erasmus+ framework, a hands-on experience is using free online tools and to increase the overall quality of the project being implemented.


If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact us by e-mail projects@inovacijubiuras.lt


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