Explaining Europe

Host country: Poland
Number of participants: 32
Participating countries: Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Malta, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Italy

Project “Explaining Europe” is a Training Course hosted in Krzyzowa, in Lower Silesia region of Poland. The course is designed for youth workers, leaders and trainers working in local communities in Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Malta, Lithuania, Bulgaria, FYROM and Italy.

Topics: EU awareness, active citizenship and youth social and political activeness.

  • to educate youth workers, young leaders and trainers about EU citizenship, EU awareness, active participation, structure and decision – making process in the EU;
  • to empower involved organizations to develop and implement projects aiming to foster EU awareness among youngsters;
  • to build knowledge about youth polices, their role in planning and implementation of policies, and democratic and European values;
  • to exchange good practice and enhance international cooperation of youth organizations and youth workers;
  • to provide new innovative approaches of promotion of EU awareness among young people in Europe, using non-formal education and ICT, and implement them by follow up activities and project ideas within Erasmus+ Programme.


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