CreARTive Feelings

Host:  Poland
Number of participants:  50
Participating countries: Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Italy and the Czech Republic

CreARTive Feelings is a youth exchange project in which young people from different countries share information about the youth activities and action development opportunities.

The project takes place in Będzin, Poland. 50 participants attend it from 5 countries – Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Italy and the Czech Republic. Nine participants and a leader are sent from each country. This project takes on young motivated people who are interested in intercultural learning activities. Participants are expected to respect each other, to be part of the group, to take part in all activities of the youth exchange and to be responsible for them.

Main objectives of the project:

  • To improve the integration process of young people from different European countries and cultures;
  • To help develop mutual respect and tolerance;
  • To teach young people to express their views and opinions openly.


 If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact us by e-mail




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