Animate Yourself

Host: C.E.R.E.D (The Centre of Economic Resources and Education for Development)
Number of participants: 45
Participating countries: Algeria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Spain, Estonia, Turkey.

This international seminar is inside a project that is being implemented between 02.02.2015-02.02.2016, with financial support from the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Programme, Key Action 1 managed in Romania by ANPCDEFP.

The seminar brings together 45 youth workers, for 10 days, on the theme of training young people in their community as animators for activities with children / young people in holiday centres and daily activities.

The skills acquired by the young people who will attend the seminar can be used during trips with children, camps and excursions, in holiday centres and companies, parties and other forms of education of youth and children through highly participative non-formal methods. The actual activities will take place in Neamt county, Romania, and their main aim is to develop the necessary skills of 45 youth workers (plus 2 trainers and 3 support people) over 10 days, to prepare young beneficiaries towards becoming animators

The specific objectives of this project are:

  • Sharing of experiences and best practices in the field of socio-educational animation by 45 youth workers over 18 years from the 15 participating countries over 10 days.
  • Familiarizing the 45 youth workers over 18 years of the 15 participating countries with methods and tools for teaching socio-educational animation to young beneficiaries within 10 days.

During the seminar will be organised sessions that will have as a theme subjects as: interactive communication, teamwork, drafting animation programs, security of participants in activities, methods to promote the activities and image of the organization, promoting socio-educational activities, coordination of a multidisciplinary animation team, implementation of animation activities etc.

The sessions will be based on non-formal education, the learning process of participants being an easy, creative and fun one.

The expected impact is represented by an increase in employability of at least 30% among the direct beneficiaries and the young people participating in activities organized by them, an increase of at least 30% of the number of activities organized by the participating organizations, since it can involve trained young people in organizing activities in the community as facilitators, an increase of at least 25% of extra school-activities organised in high schools / local schools due to youth involvement in organizing such activities voluntarily.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact us by e-mail

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