Active against discrimination

Host country: Poland.
Number of participants:
Participating countries: Poland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Romania, Malta, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Macedonia.

The course is designed for youth workers, leaders and trainers working in local communities in Poland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Romania, Malta, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Macedonia.

Topics of the project:  problem of discrimination and unequal treatment in everyday life and in the public sphere.

Erasmus+ KA1 project “Active Against Discrimination” is a training course hosted in Krzyzowa, in Lower Silesia region of Poland.

The project’s objectives are: .

  • to equip 24 activists of youth with the skills, knowledge and competence in the subject of anti-discrimination, knowledge of the mechanisms exclude certain topics and social groups from the public and knowledge on the mechanisms of stereotyping and prejudice.
  • to fulfil the need for training and sensitizing youth activists on issues of equality and their substantive preparations for responding to discriminatory actions and to promote actions and behaviours equality.
  • to empower involved organizations to develop and implement projects aiming to foster activism against discrimination;
  • to learn the relationships between groups minority and majority, and try out and learn various methods of responding to discrimination. to provide new innovative approaches of promotion of tolerance among young people in Europe, using non-formal education and implement them by follow up activities and project ideas within Erasmus+ Programme.

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